Historic Mendota Gallery

I had some free time last weekend so I decided to venture down to historic Mendota. You may remember my photos this summer from the Sibley Historic Site, but there are a few other...

Terrace Theatre Gallery

Located in Robbinsdale, the international-style Terrace Theatre opened on May 23, 1951. At the time, it was one of the most luxurious and modern theaters in the country.

Thomson Pioneer Cemetery Gallery

The Thomson Pioneer Cemetery is located within the boundary of Jay Cooke State Park near Carlton. This cemetery was the burial place for many pioneer families of the nearby village of Thomson. The majority of the graves...

Ness Memorial Cemetery Gallery

The  Ness Memorial Cemetery is located on the same property as the historic Ness Lutheran Church. The first burial took place in 1858—sixteen years before the church was built. More information about Ness Lutheran...

Park Island Inn Gallery

More information about the Park Island Inn can be found here.

Taconite Harbor Gallery

More information about Taconite Harbor can be found here.

Two Harbors Roundhouse and Shops Gallery

This last part of the Duluth, Messabe, and Iron Range Railroad roundhouse and shops complex was demolished in 2014.

Selby Avenue Streetcar Tunnel in St. Paul Gallery

More information about the Selby Avenue Streetcar Tunnel can be found here.

Little Marais Inn Gallery

More information about the Little Marais Inn can be found here.