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Asle Sorbel's Ride

Two weeks after the James–Younger Gang raided Northfield the gang appeared at the farm of Ole Sorbel on Lake Linden near Hanska. Ole spoke to the men briefly and his wife, Guri, provided the men with bread and butter for breakfast. The gang told the family that they were hunting in the area, but 17-year-old Asle Sorbel didn’t believe them. He had a hunch they were

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Robbinsdale Library

The Robbinsdale Library opened its doors for the first time on January 4, 1926, thanks to the efforts of the Robbinsdale Library Club. The club not only secured the funds to build the library, but they also purchased the initial library materials like books, periodicals, tables and chairs, and helped secure a professional librarian. The library was part of the Hennepin County Library

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Ripley Memorial Maternity Hospital in Minneapolis

The Martha G. Ripley Hospital for Women was a pioneering institution in the history of Minnesota. After its incorporation in 1887, the hospital was housed in a 20-room building at 2529 Fourth Avenue South. When it moved to its location in north Minneapolis in 1896, the hospital had gained a reputation for its compassionate treatment of unwed and/or low-income mothers.

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