Upper Post of Fort Snelling: Dead House / Morgue


The yellow brick morgue was originally built in 1904. It was used to store bodies of deceased military personnel from the post during the months when the ground was too frozen to bury them. An addition to the morgue in 1933 more than doubled the square footage.

The need for additional housing in 1938 caused the morgue to be revamped into living quarters for the Senior Medical Corps non-commissioned officer and his family. The converted living quarters had hardwood floors and a porch attached to the front. A coal chute was located on the north side of the building that loaded coal into the basement, which could be accessed from the outside.

Today, you can clearly see the difference in brick between the original building and the addition. As of 2013, the building is in good overall condition.

Fast Facts:
Commonly known as the Dead House/Morgue
Building number: 62
Year built: 1904
Last year of occupancy: 1994
Square footage: 538, enlarged to 1,083
Floors: 1

More photos:

Osman, Stephen E. Fort Snelling Then and Now: The World War II Years. Minneapolis: Friends of Fort Snelling, 2011.