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Forgotten Minnesota is dedicated to telling the stories of Minnesota’s forgotten and overlooked people and places. It’s about more than triggering nostalgia or looking back at a time that we have never experienced. It is about reveling in exploration and adventure. It’s about slowing down and taking the time to uncover the stories of people and places that have been hidden by neglect or lost to time. It’s about looking back at what we’ve lost and learning to appreciate the unique places that surround us today. It’s about sparking curiosity.

The first article was posted here on January 3, 2011. Forgotten Minnesota slowly grew through word of mouth from a small, but passionate group of readers. In May 2014, an article about the site’s founder, Carrie Hatler, was published in the Star Tribune. The article launched Forgotten Minnesota into the consciousness of history lovers throughout the state.

Today, the website averages 500 unique hits per day, has a mailing list of more than 8,000 email addresses, and nearly 7,000 followers on social media. That support makes the long hours of research, travel, and writing worth it. Forgotten Minnesota exists because of people like you. Thank you.