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Colonel Colvill of the First Minnesota

William Colvill — does that name ring a bell? Unless you're a Civil War history buff, this name probably doesn’t mean anything to you yet. Perhaps he’s been forgotten because he was a good, simple man — hard-working and generous. He held fast to what he believed was right and stood up against wrongdoing. Perhaps it’s only natural for his name

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Demolished Homes of the Mayo Brothers

William J Mayo was the older of the two Mayo brothers who, along with five partners, founded the not-for-profit Mayo Clinic in Rochester. William was the more serious of the two brothers and was often described in one word — brilliant. William married Hattie Damon in 1884. Together, they set out to build a new home. They found a large lot

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A Grand Estate for the Owners of Watkins

As preservationists approached Rockledge, the home’s owner, Ernest L. King Jr., shuffled to the front door and yelled, “I'm tearing it down and there's nothing you can do about it.” Mr. King had no use for the home but didn’t want anyone else to use it either. Holding true to his word, Rockledge was razed just before his death in 1987. In 1911,

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